Regulatory Bodies | In Plain Sight / 13-20 Aug 2023

Regulatory bodies or looking at how bodies regulate and being regulated by the space they inhabit.


In Plain Sight is a workshop that invites anyone to reflect upon the human body and its nature through and beyond identities, to experience the presence of shifting bodyscapes and to explore the vastness of our blurry sensorial limits. Inspired by meditative practices of the gaze, Giorgos will introduce participants in slowness and reflection, while dealing and relating with nature and its patterns, shapes and textures.

We shall explore a canvas of great compositional possibilities where human body can be lost and found between a woody land, rocks and water. From candle gazing to creating dances of polymorphous moving flesh we shall play and question the nature of nature in order to see and be seen.



What to expect

To be part of a co-exploring community in a safe and non judgmental space.

To move freely through simple guidance.

To share thoughts, reflect and understand better the other and the self.

To practice gaze and to have the chance to be gazed similar to the way one meditates on a candle flame.

To spent time in the nature and on the studio