Selfy | Solo (2018)

Multimedia Performance Installation for one body, one mobile phone and two monitor screens


Nefeli uses the selfie camera of her mobile phone to be navigated in the space, to portray herself and to create several body-scapes based on a choreographed score. The audience is free to watch from a three-hundred and sixty degrees angle or to choose to see her live transmitted image using their mobiles and/or two monitors positioned in the space.


Presented at Nikos Kenssanlis, exhibition hall of Greek School of Fine Arts as part of Athens Video Dance Project 2018.


Choreography: Giorgos Sioras Deligiannis


Dance: Nefeli Asteriou


Dramaturgical Assistance: Alexandros Mistriotis


Photos: Sofoklis Kougioymtzoglou, Maria Fakitsa