Selfy and a Digital Oasis of a Dining Dinosaur

After a rather uneasy period of uncertainty, with a stagnant artistic production and multiple constants of our life being reassessed one after another, we are back to what we do best – though we have not returned to where we left off. Those days are engraved in our memory and echoed in our work.

Giorgos Siorras Deligiannis and his team reapproach their project “Selfy Series” that started in 2018, with a different perspective than the one introduced so far. While the previous three acts explore the broader concept of identity, focusing on the relationship between the body and its image, Selfy and a Digital Oasis of a Dining Dinosaur opens up the debate over the use of public space by merging memories and images into an act, which is presented to the public for the first time by the choreographer himself.

With his body as the main means of exploring digital space, he attempts to deconstruct physical identity, reconstruct narratives of a turbulent period, and wonder about the physicality that results from this act.

The digital medium becomes an ally, enabling the recording, collection and continuous processing of images of a recent routine, while introducing the body to augmented reality environments and raising questions about the experience of a digital dance.

The decision to present the project at this time did not come easily. Having taken into account all the ethical, practical and sanitary aspects of such a decision, it was ultimately the content of the act itself that prompted us to present it now;  now that concerns about the body’s relation with the public and digital space are more imperative than ever.


Concept | Performance: Giorgos Sioras Deligiannis


Video Design: Erato Tzavara


Video Editing | Poster Design: Tzanos Mazis


Production: Katerina Kotsou


Space: 1927 Art Space

With the kind support of