RB | Normanou 5 (2019)

Regulatory Bodies continues to focus on the way bodies regulate and being regulated by the space they inhabit. This time we visit TAF (The Art Foundation), one of the last old courtyards left in the city.

We visit the same yard that once used to be shared by 13 families. A space where the public and the private existed at the same time in a way that today seems unfamiliar. Our intervention seeks the memory of this space, while playing with the visible and the invisible.
  • Is the connection finally visible or this link has been lost?
  • How do you choose to use the space and what has changed today?

Regulatory Bodies: Giorgos Sioras Deligiannis, Nefeli Asteriou, Sania Stribakou, Euthimios Moschopoulos, Dimitris Mitilineos, Konstadinos Karvouniaris, Alexandros Mistriotis, Tasos Koukoutas, Katerina Kotsou, Tzanos Mazis, Michalis Xatiris, Napoleon Manatos, Alexandra Tatsi, Olia Dramitinou, Danai Tsoukia
Photos: Maria Fakitsa