RB | Benaki Museum (2019)

As part of the ‘Reframing’, George Sioras Deligiannis’ choreographic research has undergone a series of experiments. On Saturday, April 6, an intervention takes place at the Benaki Museum without the permission of the Museum, and more specifically at the atrium of Museum which is an open space to the public.

Reframing generally focus to the constant awareness of the frame in which we place the movement and ourselves so that identity becomes something dynamic. When the method is applied collectively and with the help of a specific vocabulary, actions occur without the need for guidance or leadership.

At this day, after a personal call to several members of the dance community, an experiment is designed to create such a fluid temporary collective, using materials and movements that are public and accessible to all such as walking. After nearly two hours of undisturbed presence on the patio, we departure just as quietly, together with the few invited spectators of an action so transparent that it seems to be missing; or, in other words, a work for the absence of work.

This action raises a number of questions:

  • How much space does the dance occupy and ultimately express?
  • Is the ephemeral nature of dance that prevents its exhibit to a museum?
  • Is the public inside the museum defined?

Photos Tzanos Mazis, Maria Fakitsa