Giorgos Sioras Deligiannis (12/01/1988)

Graduate of National School of Dance(2014), dancer, choreographer and curator in the field of dance research and education. He curated Platform for the performing arts Meta (2015-2019), meetings for artistic research and creation(2018-2019) and co-curated festival Lycabettus (2020-2021). For the past seven years collective initiatives have been a main source of interest, reflection and a place to be. His personal artistic research raises questions regarding identity and creates practices that provoke the relation between the public and the private space. Since 2018 he showcased two series of works, The Selfy Series and Regulatory Bodies, funded partly by the Greek Ministry of Arts. Since 2009 he has been a yoga instructor with the last two years teaching regularly only in public outdoor spaces.

Regarding a dance of constantly reframing identities

Through my research I create movement for a miraculous and yet accessible dance that constantly shifts the identity of the body itself. A movement towards the inhabitation of the temporal home in constant metamorphosis of the imaginary. An untamed attraction towards the unknown, in search of togetherness.
This dance serves the dancing body whose boundaries are perceived as transparent. Occurs between private and public, it affects and is affected by the dramaturgy of space. It does not fabricate any narrative and yet plenty emerge.